1. b4 - Queen sacrifice

This is one of my first games with 1.b4. I must say that I lost quite a lot before to know some advices of the theory which are mainly to fianchetto the second bishop against e5 defense, but against d4 defense the white bishop should go on e2 or d3. Nf3 is correct and e4 shouldn't be played, only e3.<br><br>After 1. b4 e5, a good answer could be Bb2 and after Bxb4 Bxe5 the b pawn is exchanged against a central pawn of black. BUT, that leads to comfortable game for black and an edge can't be done easily. That's why after 1. b4 e5 I find better to push on b5 and, with the help of e3, d4 and c4 play a reverse french defense with a more tempo.<br><br>The following game features 1. b4 d5 and shows a Queen sacrifice I found correct, somehow risky.

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