King's Gambit - critical line 1

Well, you have decided to play for a king's gambit, you feel right with your knowledge, you encoutered so much play not dealing with the heart of the opening, you take the board, think: I will burn my opponent, I will crush him, the game beginns:

And yet? You realise that your king have to move ... to e2 and after d6 you analyse one variation ... hmm, not convincing, althought quite playable.

Ok, is it time to fear an end? The answer is: NO, absolutely not ! You could also have taken on d5 and play c4 right away ...  what does that give ... well: The position is very well, has a lot of dynamics and the white king plays an active role ! White just have to take care, applying principles, and after normal moves you will realise that your position is so wild and playable at the same time ... simply have a taste !

Ok, Rybka gives you here a -0,30 and black is better, but not that better! You can now:
- question the bishop with g3 (opening the way to your bishop!)
- prepare to move to the castle safety place on the king side (don't migrate on the queen side here, you don't have that time against correct black play)

And yet ... it's turn to apply tactics. Let's say you have taken on d5 and payed c4, prepared to migrate on the king side as soon as possible but preventing first tricks from black with good work. Here is a plausible example

Nice play, isn't it?

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