Najdorf 2010.03.28

I have met some of these players who play a variation that they don't understand. I play white, against a sicilian player who enters the Najdorf, I enter the english attack, by far the first used and reliable weapon against that system and ... my opponent has not seen the way to proceed. The play is certainly unprecise, but shows some possibilities of harassing black with the king-side pawns.
It is noticeable that the key move of white was not first to go on the king with the bischop, I think that was the move 19, sacrificing the knight not on e6 but on d5. Black makes the big mistake to take that knight. Ok, the knight commes to d5 with check on the king and queen. But, taking hat knight opens the e file. One can then argue that the pawn move 18. ... b4 was the mistake. To be honnest, the partie was already loose before that point. Black has not achieve a good defense and is compelled to mate.

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