On Tactics

As I intend to participate to the annual Tübingen tournament, I don't feel quite confident with my openings. So what is here going on, how to reassess my convictions ? Well, working on tactics is a way to improve constantly. On that theme I have great references from Jeremy Silmann (Reassess your chess, the amateur's mind), Yusupov (Build up your chess Vol 1 & 2 ... the 3rd is not for me for the moment) and Hans Kmoch (on pawn play).

With all that I should work well ... but that is paper, I would have need something like problems databases in all kind of domains (deflection, mate, best move, mate patterns, etc ...). So I searched on the internet and found a fabulous Aladin's path:


Your will find here quite a lot of material, have a look at the other menus at the top of the window to get cbv databases of commented parties!

But where can you start when you're under 1600 and hope for a simple and rapid improvement? Well, Silmann has found a great way to present quite quickly the main things to keep in mind while playing: the analyse of the imbalances:
- Superior minor pieces
- Pawn structures
- Space
- Material
- Development
- Initiative

Simply read the first 30 pages of reassess your chess gives me another feeling ... perhaps I will loose, but I will loose building me a trusted knowledge, simply by playing after longer thoughts but trusted ones.

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